Bar Meals


Real Norfolk. Real Blakeney. Real Hospitality.

Light Meals And Starters:

(all served with fresh bread and salad garnish)


Soup of the day 


Prawn Cocktail


Local peppered mackerel




Rough Pork Garlic Pâté


Local Crab (summer only)


Blakeney Mussels (winter only)


Mussels as a Main Course



Jacket Potatoes:

(all served with salad garnish & a generous filling of your choice)


Cheddar Cheese


Prawns – Garlic or Seafood sauce


Blue Stilton


Tuna Mayonnaise


 Cheese & Beans


Ploughman’s Lunches:

(all served with fresh bread, apple and salad. Please help yourself to

pickles at the bar. Served between 12pm and 6pm)


Mature Cheddar Cheese




Blue Stilton


Local pickled herring








(a choice of white or wholemeal bread, and standard or toasted

Served between 12pm and 6pm.)


                                                                                                 Standard                          Toasted                        Baguettes          

Cheddar Cheese                                                               £3.40                                     £3.60                                 £4.20

Cheese & Tomato                                                            £3.60                                     £3.80                                 £4.40

Salad                                                                                         £2.80                                          -                                     £3.60

Ham                                                                                          £3.90                                     £4.20                                 £4.95

Prawn                                                                                      £5.30                                            -                                   £6.40

Tuna Mayonnaise                                                          £4.40                                            -                                   £5.50

Crab (summer only)                                                     £5.70                                           -                                    £6.95

Ham & Cheese                                                                    £4.40                                     £4.70                                 £5.30

Smoked Salmon                                                               £5.60                                           -                                    £6.95


Children’s Meals:

(all served with peas or beans, and chipped or Jacket Potato)


Home-made Fish Fingers * Scampi * Sausages * Beef burgers * Chicken nuggets


Pasta of the day



Some main dishes are available as smaller portions. Please enquire at the bar.


Main Courses:



Our famous King’s Arms fish is served with chipped or jacket potatoes, peas and cooked in chef’s own delicious batter




Breaded whole-tail Scampi 








Supplied by local butchers, all dishes are served with chipped or jacket potatoes, peas, tomato, mushrooms, and salad garnish


10oz*Sirloin Steak


Grilled Gammon (with pineapple or egg)


10oz *Rib Eye Steak


Sausages (3)


Cold Ham (served with eggs)


Homemade Beef Lasagne


Surf & Turf (evenings only) – Sirloin Steak, Scampi, King Prawn


* Uncooked weight


Vegetarian Dishes:

Vegetable Lasagne



Mushroom tortellini



Evening Salads:

(served after 6pm)






Mature Cheddar Cheese


Crab (summer only)


Soused Herring








Garlic Bread


Side Salad


Roll & Butter


Chips with cheese


Jacket Potato (plain with butter)




Onion rings



A selection of daily specials is shown on the blackboard in the bar.


Please place your order at the bar and ask for our

comprehensive wine list and sweet menu.


All specials are cooked to order consequently cooking times are longer than items off the bar menu

Real Norfolk. Real Blakeney. Real Hospitality.